Keeping cool at a summer wedding.

With all this sunny hot weather and wedding season in full flow, the Summer vibe is everywhere. If you are dreaming of an outdoor wedding on a beautiful sunny day, you may be planning a summer 2019 or 2020 wedding. But with the sunshine also comes the heat, and surviving a wedding in these conditions, whether you’re the bride or a guest, can sometimes be a challenge.

Here are some of my top tips for getting through an outdoor wedding on the hottest of days.

Stay hydrated – Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. Add refreshing fruits and flavours such as cucumber, lemon or mint to your water to stay refreshed while you’re getting ready. 

Keep the cooling yet summery vibes going by offering refreshing drinks to your guests alongside the usual bubbles or Pimm’s at the reception. If they have just come from the ceremony they will welcome a cooling drink before they hit the alcohol and may want something they can drink quickly to quench their thirst. Lemonade in a variety of flavours, sparkling elderflower, or cordials to flavour water are always a winner, and make sure there is plenty of it.

water-2367023 (1).jpg

Decorative ice buckets or baskets filled with cold bottles of water near the ceremony site or at the entrance to the marquee will help your guests keep cool, and don’t forget to add water on the tables close to the action near the dance floor.

If you have guests staying overnight in a camping village, adding bottles of water to their tents will be very welcome come the morning.

Say ‘Yes’ to the right dress – Whether you’re the bride or the guest, most of us do tend to get a little hot and bothered in the heat so think what the weather could be like when choosing your outfit and opt for something light and airy rather than something heavily structured.  Many bridal dresses for example are layered, have petticoats or incorporate layers of heavy fabric to maintain their style and shape. If you are planning a summer wedding, think about what the weather could be like and whether the dress you are choosing will be wearable all day. If not, consider choosing a lighter, shorter or more flowy dress for the evening so you aren’t encased in a very structured and hot dress all day. Who doesn’t want two wedding dresses after all!?

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Hair and make-up like a pro – Pick a hairstyle that takes your hair off your neck and forehead, it not only helps to keep you cool but also helps to avoid long tresses looking lank and sweaty and wind swept in your photos. If you’re not having a professional do your make up, opt for natural colours and a light base and invest in a fixing spray to help it all stay in place. Also, don’t forget to bring your make up to the reception with you for any touch ups needed for the photos and evening party.


Be sure to eat – This may be an obvious one but not eating anything, mixed with the emotions of the day, nerves and being out the sun is a bad combination for becoming faint or dizzy. Be sure to have a snack or something to nibble on before saying I Do to tide you over and keep you upright!

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Provide some shade – Your guests will appreciate some shade to escape the heat, even if they are the hardiest of sun lovers. A shady tree or canopy is the perfect way for guests to get out of the sun for a little bit, however, if there is limited shade at your venue, have a basket full of parasols to make sure your guests can have shelter from the sun if needed. Don’t forget about older guests too who will definitely want to seek out a cool spot to take a seat.

Serve lighter, seasonal dishes – Heavy food and the heat are not a good mix! Instead, think about choosing a seasonal menu that includes lots of fresh ingredients that are summery and light. Grilled meats or fish with salads are always a winner for a summer wedding, and for dessert opt for an ice cream station or van, or frozen cocktail lollies to keep a festive summer vibe.

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Be safe in the sun – An outdoor summer wedding often means long periods of being outside in the sun if the weather is nice so make sure you don’t forget the sunscreen. Be sure to apply it before you get dressed and don’t forget to repeat the application throughout the course of the day when you can. A basket in the ladies’ room filled with sunscreen wipes, insect repellent, spray deodorant and cooling spray is always a nice touch.

Think how your special touches will cope in the heat – There is nothing worse than spending months planning special touches, not to mention the cost of them, to then have them be ruined in the heat. Most commonly effected are the flowers and the cake!

Speak to your florist about choosing foliage and blooms that can withstand hot conditions (as don’t forget, even if there is a breeze outside on a sunny, the interior of your tent can still be very warm), or those which don’t mind being out of water without wilting too quickly. If you don’t have a planner, allocate one of your bridesmaid the task of making sure your bouquets are placed in water to revive them a little for the photos.


Cakes can easily melt inside a hot marquee or tent so consider going for an iced cake rather than buttercream, have your caterer allocate some room for it in the chiller so it can come out looking fresh, or at the least bring a fan along to circulate the air around it and keep it as cool and upright as possible!

Interested in knowing more about how to make your outdoor wedding an unforgettable experience?   I can help you bring all the elements of your day together. Discover my services here, and check out my other tips for a top wedding here.